Skyline Lacrosse is one of the oldest lacrosse organizations in California, first established in 1979. At that time, competition was among high schools such as University High in San Francisco and Novato High School, UC Berkeley and Stanford, the San Fran

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Boys Program

All interested players are welcome at Skyline Lacrosse, with or without experience, to participate in the annual tryouts for a roster spot on one of our competitive teams. The regular season for Lacrosse is in the Spring. We offer Fall Ball as an opportunity for both new and experienced players to learn and improve upon their skills with our outstanding coaching staff. Spring Season provides practices and competition between Skyline and other Bay Area lacrosse clubs. All players are expected to take personal responsibility for their equipment and attitude.

They will learn about the different concepts of Lacrosse and what the basics of field vision are. They are expected to respond agreeably to coaches' and referees' decisions, and support their older or younger teammates. Lacrosse is a very fast-paced game and can be an exhilarating and intense experience.  Players who enjoy lacrosse are those with a strong desire to compete and push themselves. 

Prior team sports experience is helpful, but not necessary.  Our coaches can teach skills, knowledge, rules and roles of the game, strategies and sportsmanship.  We will help players with their strength and conditioning.  However, we cannot coach desire. Players who are disinterested or not self-motivated can struggle with the rigors of the game.  We expect parents and players to consider this when deciding if lacrosse is a good fit for their kids or themselves.